alrighty, so yes, hi we’re back, although not for long

so nicole and I have discussed what we were doing to do with this blog a couple times and to be completely honest we don’t want to keep it. this is for a couple of reasons mainly it’s just that we’ve both drifted away from the fandom a lot, the boys aren’t like what they used to be, those 5 boys from melbourne with no futures, well, they just aren’t the same anymore. secondly we have one more year of high school left and I don’t want to always have this on the back of my mind and it’d be a lot easier just to let this blog go, we aren’t going to delete it, we just won’t continue to update it anymore. and yeah that’s it I guess and before we get asks about if we “hate” the boys, no we don’t we just aren’t obsessed over them anymore, and to be completely honest I don’t think I could hate them because we’ve made friends that we would have never met if it wasn’t for the boys and just yeah. anyways pce out girl scouts

-meghan & nicole 

beau looking sexy in a snapback

too much sexyness on my screen